Kathryn Haley, MS, RN, BSN
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose
Kathryn Jo Haley RN, BSN is the Trauma Program Manager at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio

Kathy Haley MS, RN, is the Trauma Program Manager at Nationwide Children’s  Hospital with oversight of the passenger safety, burn and trauma programs. Kathy is past chair of the Ohio Trauma CommitteeShe is a previous member of the Ohio EMS Board and is a founding member, as well, as past board member of the Pediatric Trauma Society.  Kathy was previous chair of the Pediatric Trauma Committee for the Society of Trauma Nurses and has served on the board of the same organization.  Kathy is on the board of the Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS), and has previously served as president for the organization.   


Ms. Haley was the first editor for Pediatric Emergency Nursing Course (Emergency Nurse Association) and has contributed over ten chapters to emergency nursing and pre-hospital textbooks including burn and trauma related topics.  Ms.  Haley has had trauma research funding since 1993 and has over 20 publications in peer reviewed journals. She has served as a nurse reviewer for the American College of Surgeons and several state trauma systems for over twenty years.  Kathy is a current instructor for TOPIC. Ms. Haley has been a recipient of the national ENA Nursing Professional Award, the Mount Carmel Distinguished Alumni Award, and Auri Science Professional Award.