Roni L Robinson, RN, MSN, CRNP
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The author is a pediatric nurse practitioner at a large free-standing, university –based medical center. She completed her undergraduate studies at The University of Delaware, where she received her BSN in Nursing and her graduate studies at The University of Pennsylvania, where she received her MSN in the Pediatric and Acute/Chronic Nurse Practitioner Program. The author’s research and clinical interests are in pediatric and adolescent concussion, specifically regarding the mental health effects it has on youth. She has published 5 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals (listed below without names) and has lectured extensively (over 30 lectures in the past 5 years) about concussion in children and adolescents. She has lectured locally and regionally, including being a regular lecturer at The University of Pennsylvania School of Graduate Nursing and being a speaker at a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Annual National Conference. (a specific list can be provided if necessary). She also speaks routinely to school nurse and administrations, parent groups and students. The author has also been instrumental in creating the Concussion Program at her place of work along with being the primary author for most of the content of her facility’s concussion web site. The web site content includes such topics as: definition of a concussion; how to take care of your child with a concussion; concussion and nutrition; concussion and driving; and when concussions occur at summer camp. The author has 17 years of experience working in the area of Trauma and Orthopedic Sports Medicine, specializing in youth and adolescent concussion for the last 5 years.