Laura Poznick, RDMS
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 04/04/2022

Laura Poznick graduated from Gloucester County Community College in New Jersey majoring in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound. She has been a credentialed RDMS sonographer since 1998. Laura has extensive experience in both adult and pediatric sonography and is currently the Clinical Research Coordinator for Ultrasound at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Laura came to this position while serving as the Team Leader for Ultrasound at CHOP. Her exceptional skill at leading the research projects and in developing contrast enhanced Ultrasound imaging urged radiology leadership to create the Clinical Research Coordinator for Ultrasound position at CHOP and appoint Laura to that position. Laura’s time at CHOP has allowed her to lead multiple research projects, develop a high performing team and maintain, demonstrate, and cultivate her personal top notch clinical sonography skills. Laura’s duties have allowed her to grow as a clinical research technologist and leader who is eager to help usher in a new age of contrast enhanced Ultrasound imaging. Laura has presented the contrast enhanced Ultrasound imaging workshop and webinars to many attendees within the USA and around the world. Laura feels extremely fortunate to have such a prominent role in bringing this technique to the masses.