Melissa Hanin, MS, OT/L


Melissa Hanin, MS, OT/L has been an occupational therapist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital NICU for the past 17 years. Along with providing direct OT services and conducting research, she also held the role of Developmental Coordinator of the Comprehensive Center for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (CCBPD) along with Kelly Susey, PT. Melissa is passionate about nurturing the growth of the transdisciplinary model to care for infants with chronic lung disease, empowering families during their long inpatient journey, and improving quality of care provided to these complex patients. She has contributed to research supporting oral feeding on NCPAP, and assisted in development of the Behavioral Signs of Respiratory Instability Scale (BSRI) to measure functional responses of infants with lung disease. Melissa also lead and collaborated with multiple disciplines to develop best practice protocols for use in the NICU NCH,  including establishing phases of functional skill development and targeted interventions for infants with severe BPD, feeding infants with tracheostomies on positive pressure, and early oral stimulation for infants <33 weeks. Melissa lives with her husband, 10 and 12 year old, and two golden retrievers in Columbus, Ohio.