Kathleen Casey, MD
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Dr. Kathleen Casey is a surgeon who is passionate about global health and addressing disparities in surgical care.  In 2004 she founded the Operation Giving Back program at the American College of Surgeons, which supports the surgical humanitarian ecosystem and fosters collaboration and innovation for the underserved; she served as its Director for 9 years.  She is a founder and one of the architects of the G4 Alliance (the Global Alliance for Surgery, Obstetric, Trauma and Anesthesia Care) - an initiative uniting nearly 100 global organizations in advocating for the neglected surgical patient in global health and development - where she has served as an officer and board member.  Dr. Casey currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for the non-profit Physicians for Peace, President of the Alliance for Surgery and Anesthesia Presence (ASAP) and immediate past-President of the US Chapter of the International Society of Surgery.  She has been recognized with Humanitarian Awards from the American Medical Association and the International College of Surgeons and has published widely on global surgery.