Amy Elizabeth Barrera-Cancedda, MPH
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose

Amy Elizabeth (E-beth) Barrera-Cancedda received her Bachelor of Science and Master in Public Health from Emory University, where her studies focused on Anthropology and Global Health, particularly infectious diseases. Following these studies, she worked for Harvard School of Public Health in Rwanda, where she facilitated the development of a family-centered intervention for HIV/AIDS affected families.

After her time in Rwanda, E-beth worked for Partners In Health, a non-government organization, as a Tuberculosis Analyst for TB CARE II, a collaborative project between USAID and PIH.  While in this position, her chief role was to work closely with Ministries of Health in high burden TB countries to implement novel infection control interventions to reduce nosocomial transmission among healthcare workers in various healthcare contexts. After completing this project, Elizabeth became the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation for PIH, in Sierra Leone, during the Ebola epidemic, where she was responsible for collecting clinical data on patient outcomes.

After a decade in the field, E-beth returned to school to obtain her Bachelor in Nursing degree. Upon completion of this degree, she enrolled in the doctoral program at the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is currently studying. Given her interests in nursing and global health, her research interests focus on strategies to improve professional development opportunities for nurses in countries that have been burdened by hemorrhagic fever epidemics, as a means of investing and strengthening the healthcare systems within these contexts post-epidemic.